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Much has been made and said about Prophet Muhammad ‘s multiple marriages. There are many who smear the Prophet as a womanizing philanderer, citing his multiple marriages. This is absolute propaganda. As a response to those who malign the Prophet , IF the Prophet were anything of the sort, he would have taken advantage of his youth to do such a thing. But he did not! At a time when it was a common custom to have multiple wives, the Prophet did not marry anyone else while he was with Khadijah.It was only after Khadijah died, may God be pleased with her, that he married other women. Most of these wives were widows, whom the Prophet married to care after them, or they were the daughters of prominent Arab chieftains, so that the Prophet could form a cohesive Muslim society out of a fiercely tribalistic (and barbaric) Arab culture. The smears against the Prophet fall flat on their faces once the light of truth shines brightly upon them.

Granted, polygamy is not very widely practiced amongst the Muslims here in America or other Westernized countries.. but I always find it interesting that so many brothers either joke or talk extensively on the possibilities of having not only ONE wife *which they most likely do not have* but having multiple beautiful young women.

I think, people need a reality check. Follow the footsteps of your beloved Rasul

So quickly, people jump to the Quran and Sunnah to back up their “I can rightfully have more than one” debate. Sure, polygamy is Halal, and sure it is even encouraged in many circumstances.

But do those who are quick to jump to those hadith ever consider the 25 years that the Prophet remained monogamous? He did not marry any other wife during Khadija’s life.. which was the duration of his YOUTH years.

So many brothers, barely passed 20 or 30 love to jump on the “lets look for a second” bandwagon.

I don’t love my wife anymore, I want a prettier younger girl, I fell in love with my co-worker… etc.

Alhumdulillah, it is Halal for you… marry a young virgin.. marry a pretty girl.. but then may Allah help the divorced and widowed women, who have been tossed to the bottom ranks of society.. treated like the scum of the Earth.. fending for themselves and their children.

“…Marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one…”
-Surah 4 Ayah 3

“The best charity is remarriage.”


~ by kwaai on February 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Polygamy”

  1. yeh sub7anAllaah man thats mash up, my husband always tells me his friends constantly joke about it and its a normal topic among guys, like they talk about it ALLL THE TIMMMEEE, am like wow. oh well lol… =/

  2. good post.. you make a very valid point stating what will happen to those women who actually NEED a husband.. would anyone be willing to marry them as a second, third, or fourth wife, just as the prophet did?

    polygamy is sunnah, yeah… but so is marrying a shattered widow.


  3. Assalamu Alaykum,

    An older brother explained it to me pretty well I think… He said that in marriage a man has to maintain his wife. Meaning that he has to do everything to maintain the love between them. Meaning he has to make sure she doesn’t waiver into things that may make her unattractive to her. Usually the guyz who end up thinking about getting second wives are the one’s who couldn’t maintain there first. I don’t mean anything negative or demeaning by maintain so don’t jump on my back! Most brothers I have seen get a second wife, are usually to widows or divorcee’s or converts.

    I think that women do have a complaint to make but at the same time shouldn’t use this to prove to their husband why they shouldn’t marry a second wife. Marrying a second or third or even a fourth wife is allowed for a man. Also, it is allowed for him even without any stipulations one may think of. Except that he be fair to them.

    Reality usually hits most men when they first get married. They realize how hard it can be and usually is to just take care of one woman and all her needs. They usually end up forgetting about the multiple wife thought. It usually comes back when either they lose interest and don’t maintain the love or the wife isn’t doing enough to maintain the relationship.

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