Finding Peace

The other day I was sitting with 2 friends, chatting about everything, nothing, and the RB’s spectacular veggie-lunch all at the same time. One of my friends (we’ll call her Fatima) is an older, wiser, and more experienced girl. Fatima started chatting away about the Financial Market, the recent events around the world, Bernackey’s cutting of interest rates, some who-knows-what that did God-knows-what and is now being sued for X million dollars. My other friend (we’ll call her Khadija) and I… after listening for a good 5 minutes, stared at this girl in disbelief.. jaws on the floor. :O

How could she retain all this knowledge? HOW does she know all of this, and HOW are we soo uninformed? Are we stupid?

MashAllah, Fatima is someone I really look up to. She’s a genius. She can speak eloquently, she’s extremely fun to be around, and she’s always helping in the community.. she’s just an all around Awesome girl. When Fatima left for class, Khadija and I sat there for a good 10 minutes feeling like someone had just smacked us with the Stupid Stick. We knew nothing of what she was talking about, we felt so uninformed, un-updated, as if we were living in our own little bubble… we felt like… useless humans.

As I was walking down the stairs of the RB to get to my next class.. I had my head down, thinking about everything I knew, everything I had done, everything I had accomplished… and I came up with a pathetic amount of answers. Why was I of any use? Why don’t I keep up with the world? Why don’t I ever care about my classes that much? Why do I feel content with my certain situation, when I’m not even advancing as a productive citizen of this nation? Why am I such a sucky… human?

As I opened the door to exit the RB, a frown across my face… I looked down and saw a pebble, then suddenly I looked up to see the beautiful trees swaying… then the sky… the magnificent sky. It was my Rabb that created this all, my Creator. I was his servant, and that was my role… to worship Him.

SubhanAllah, upon that exact thought, the biggest grin shot across my face. =) I had only thought about my Lord for merely one second, and my heart felt eons better. Sure, maybe I wasn’t the best news-watcher, student, or human… but I know that there is a bigger purpose, and as long as I strive for that, I can smile all day long. There is indeed hope, at the end of this long, drawn out tunnel. Of course, I’ll mess up along the way, I’ll sin and sin, but I know.. He is waiting for me at the end of the tunnel, his hands out, ready to forgive my every fault.

Alhumdulillah, I don’t have to be the best in this Dunya. As long as I can strive for the Akhira.. my heart is content. :)

And then the Ayah hit me… and everything seemed to make sense.

Verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find Peace” Quran 13.28

I found my peace, in the rememberance of You, Ya Allah. Grant me the opportunity to continue to remember you, and to continue to find peace. Ameen.

Chunkin a Deuce,

~ by kwaai on March 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “Finding Peace”

  1. awww Mashallah nice post!
    I love the Quran Ayah at the bottom. Subhanallah!

  2. mashaAllah awesome post. I wonder what athiests to in these situations. Who do they have to turn to? there is no one waiting for them at the end of the tunnel.


  3. guildenstern,

    wow…I feel…the same way….ALL the time. There’s one person in particular, mashaAllah may Allah grant them more knowledge, that every time I’m around am just like…what… the heck am I doing. and then I go through the same realization..

    my favorite ayaahh :) awesome post mashaAllah sosososo true.

  4. man that was so spot on

  5. lol very nice post.

  6. =)

    This is why I’m always looking in the sky.


  7. Tell us more KWAAI!!!

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