This Summer..

As I started off this summer, I was really hoping I wouldn’t just waste it.. kinda like last summer.. you know just hanging out with friends, doing useless nonsense, etc.

And Alhumdullillah, just by making that intention, so much has started differently with this summer. First off, I landed an internship with an amazing ophthalmologist, I’m waiting for my research stuff from M.D. Anderson (don’t know if i actually have time for that), I think i’ll be tutoring again this summer for math/science/english… but the coolest of all.. I found a NEW HOBBY.

You won’t even understand. Whenever I’d do somethng my mom would be like, “Whatever you do, just remember Allah when you do it.” And SubhanAllah this hobby completely encompasses the rememberance of Allah. I don’t know what sort of rant I’m going on at the moment.

But my new hobby is.. CALLIGRAPHY.


I bought canvases. Loads and loads of canvases.. and paints.. and like 500 types of paintbrushes transfer papaer and carbon paper.. man the list goes on and on.. 

So anyway.. after fajr, when i come back from my morning run, I just sit peacefully painting different backgrounds and then writing the different names of Allah. I’ve made six so far. I’ll post them up here when I get the chance. I’ve made those six for six of my closest friends.

Becuase of that I started researching the history and background of Arabic calligraphy.. which led me to calligraphy with a Persian influence.. and WOW.. it’s all just so amazing.

Like this holds so much history within it.. it’s a bit mind-boggling.

Anyways, Alhumdullilah my time to waste this summer has, fortunately, been decreasing. I actually went and bought an MCAT book.

Call me crazy.. but I might as well take a whack at itthe practices, right? I still have two years until I can officially freak out and hyperventilate. So i’ll just stare at the book and chill until then.

Anyways, today Guildenstern and I have decided we will go roller blading. We actually decided this many weeks ago, but let me tell you, the search for roller blades was interminable.

We couldn’t find any decent ones. So I settled on buying mens’… the women ones were too — feminine.

Anyways, I hear my mother yelling my name to take my sister to the park.. so I must end this long litany of nothing.

I have no clue what I just posted.. but I hope now that I have some time, I don’t go back to my days of wasting time on blogs/facebook/ CY.

Somewhat beneficial.. but not worth the amount of time I devote to them.

Hope you find success and time well-spent in this day InshAllah.

Ojala que ustedes no pierdan el tiempo..

Hasta luego,


~ by kwaai on June 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “This Summer..”


    I want a hobby too. :L

    Ojala que tu no cayas por los roller blades. :)


    I’m not sure who’s who but I love the posts

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