I anticipate the future… I await what shall happen next.

Isn’t that what we’re always doing? Waiting for something.

A post I made on CY a while ago… but the thoughts strike me again. What are we waiting for?

We’re all either in highschool or University right now… some may have graduated.

I always used to feel like I’m in a transition period. In highschool I felt like I was waiting to graduate so I could finally go to University.

Now that I’ve done a year at University I feel like I’m just waiting to graduate and do the next big thing…. what’s that next big thing? Work? It doesn’t sound too exciting.

Life is what happens while you’re waiting for something to happen.

Interesting concept.

Oftentimes I wonder, when will my death date be…? it’s something I’m not looking forward to.. although in a way I am. InshaAllah we go to Jannah.

So what are you all waiting for?

I anticipate the future…

I feel scared about what I want to do.. and whether or not I will go through with it. Whether or not it is good for me. Whether or not it will be successful. Whether or not my life will be taken.. just waiting for the right time to go through with it.

I don’t even know whether I even should do it. I wonder.

I want to, but can I? Will I? Do I have what it takes?

InshaAllah I am successful.
InshaAllah we all go to Jannah



~ by kwaai on August 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Anticipation”

  1. khidS! i was thinkin the same thing a few hours ago! “it’s something I’m not looking forward to.. although in a way I am. InshaAllah we go to Jannah.” then i made dua that Allah take me in a state of beautiful submission inshaAllah

  2. The funny thing is, there really isn’t much left to look forward to anymore when we think about it.

    In all honesty whether people like it or not, marriage is one of the biggest things that everyone looks forward to, because it really is a life-changing experience.

    But after marriage what is there? Just your kids and the Angel of Death. That’s really all you wait for in reality.

    So what to do? You can speed up the process, but then you also have to come to the realization that marriage isn’t just another thing in your life. It has to be planned out because it’s the biggest commitment you will probably ever have until your children a little later.

    Just taking care of one person is a huge responsibility. If people want to get married, then they have to prepare for marriage, just like any other thing in life. Ask people, read books, learn what it actually means to be “married.”

    I whole-heartedly believe school is just there for us as a test. There really is no other point to us being there for so long.

    Insha’Allah we’ll all have the patience as we anticipate our qadr’s.

    Ameen to the duas.

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